On 7th of May 2021 the REMAM consortium held a virtual transnational project meeting (TPM), which purpose was to give an overview on and summarize the cases written so far and to set the vision and objectives, how to move on, of the project.

The discussion involved reminders and short exchange of perspectives, interests, goals, benefits and priorities within the project. The question, whether or not we can look at the project through the prism of the mentoring models that had been actually discussed, researched and designed already, was raised.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to plannig of the LTTA on May 31st – June 4th by finalizing and scheduling the topics, the exact schedule, agreeing on the invited guests/external experts and virtual tours/videos, and  assigning the reporters for each LTTA session.

The participants of the LTTA included only the respresentatives of the project partner institutions.

The exact schedule of the TPM is available here and the report of the event, written by the Creative Mentorship, here.