Reinventing Mentoring in Arts Management (REMAM) is the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project that aims to co-create a new comprehensive understanding of cultural management mentorship as a framework for professional life-long learning as well as part of academic education. Its focus is on establishing and maintaining a sustainable interaction between students, potential employers and field practitioners, simultaneously renewing the understanding of mentoring and creating a novel way for “mentorage” that allows co-creation of knowledge.

The aim of the project is to create a learning model that allows both development of analytical and academic competences; to capture the current field of practices, tools and influence agencies responsible for occupational profiling and to highlight the importance of a mentor as occupation and further advocate for its definition in other partner countries. From one side, the project attempts to map the needs of practitioners, who can share their knowledge, and from the other side, the needs of students, whose task is to master the skills of current practices by gaining support for their career building at home as well as for the global international labour market.

The participants of the activities are cultural management students (≈50) and established practitioners such as leaders of arts organisations and cultural projects (≈70) from all over Europe, who are or will become mentors and internship partners for students. New knowledge and skills are provided also for teachers and trainers (≈20) of the field, arts management curricula leaders and managers (≈10), and national agencies responsible for quality in HEI as well as occupational profiling. 

Based on the pre-project analysis, workshops in all participating countries with involvement of students and practitioners will be held to co-create and apprehend the specifics of cultural setting in addition to a more universal learning model development. A number of focus group interviews with practitioners, educators, leaders and national agencies for education will be conducted in order not only to establish the professional profile of mentor, but to make it internationally visible and thus facilitate transferability of workforce across Europe.

The project runs for 3 years (September 2020 – August 2023) with the total budget of 319 999€.


Project Timeline 2020-2023


Start of the project
Start of the project
IO 1 Begins Model for Mentorship in CM

IO2 Development of Qualification Model

IO3Interactive tool for CCI begin

13 November
Kick off meeting
Desk research workshop (ANTWERP)
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Joint visioning of the model for mentorship
Wrap up of IO1 A1. Follow up seminar.

7 May
Joint visioning of the mode for mentorship and the app, phase I
(Belgrad, CM)

31 May - 4 June
Building Bridges with practitioners community
(Belgrad, CM)

Joint visioning of the model for mentorship

2-3 December
(Bilbao, UPV)


Local Multiplier Events
March, April, May
Local Multiplier Events

9 May
Feedback from ME's and focus on the app - stakeholders experience (Tallinn, TYA)

10-14 May
Mentoring spring academy
(Tallinn, EAMT)

Mentoring Piloting and app in focus
(Belgrad, CM)


Delivery of the project

TPM: Preparation for delivery of the outcomes (UPV, Bilbao)
LTT: Sustainability and management of mentoring project

Delivery of the project