Creative Mentorship

Creative Mentorship is an NGO that runs the first mentorship, educational and capacity building program for professionals in the fields of arts, culture, creative industries and media in Serbia. We promote mentorship as a way of lifelong learning and exchange of knowledge and experience between an established professional, the mentor, and emerging professional, the mentee. We have been implementing the program for 8 years now, and 250 participants who went through our program are the ambassadors of the idea of knowledge and experience exchange, life-long learning and mutual support. In the coming years, we would like to develop and support a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals contributing to the society which is based on creativity, culture, knowledge and collaboration.

Each cycle of Creative Mentorship programme gives the opportunity to 25 mentees, upcoming leaders in the field of arts, culture, creative industries and media, to be supported by mentors, established professionals from different fields. Through this programme, talented, dedicated and engaged young professionals, receive support on five levels – individual mentoring, monthly educational program, networking opportunities, promotion of their work, and support by the dedicated team.  Variety of activities, training and events offer the mentees new insights, knowledge, contacts and information.

Creative Mentorship programme has a non-profit character and is free of charge for the mentees, thanks to the numerous patrons of the programme, from the private, public and civil sector from Serbia and abroad.

In addition to running the mentorship program in Serbia, the regional one (in 2019 and 2020), and this European project (Erasmus+), Creative Mentorship aims to spread the idea of mentorship throughout Serbia, Europe and wider. We have supported several organizations to start their own mentoring programs in Serbia, and have also transferred our knowledge and methodology to start Creative Mentorship programs abroad. Last year we did it in Sweden, and at the end of 2020 we started that process with a Creative Hub in Portugal. And we plan to continue doing this, as we wish to share our knowledge and experience on mentoring and on running mentoring programs, so that many more people can be exposed to all the great effects mentoring has on people’s lives.