REMAM interactive toolkit is a fast lane to anyone interested in mentorship within art and cultural fields, whether as a mentee, mentor or managing mentorship program. It consists of a variety of key insights, tools and advice in a concise manner easy to use by anyone in any role in mentorship context.

The extended and elaborated set of interactive mentoring tools is created to spark creativity and ease communication in the mentoring relationship and developed to be used by mentees and mentors, as well as coordinators of mentoring programmes. Each tool starts with an explanation of the context in which it could be used, as well as the goal that one could achieve by using it. Step-by-step instructions explain the mentoring process techniques by which one can select the activities by the role (mentee, mentor or coodinator)  or by the state of process (start, during or end).

The tool set includes also separate printable (pdf) templates for mentees, mentors and programme coordinators that are the essence of each tool. They are designed to provide guidance and inspiration, to be a starting point for discussions, and to support the mentoring process. Therefore, the most important part of the tools is the way in which you will use them and the content that you will create by using them.