Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

The mission of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is to contribute to the development of a human-centred Estonian society, the spread of a creative mindset and the preservation of the Estonian language and culture through education in the fields of music and theatre and the promotion of creative and research work.

EAMT values the preservation of the inherent values of the Estonian national culture and maintaining the academic traditions of European music and theatre education, while being open to the latest developments in the world of music and theatre.

EAMT is a public university of music and drama, offering higher education in all major fields of music and theatre through bachelor, master and doctoral programmes. Although with its approximately 700 students EAMT is the smallest among six Estonian public universities and university-level higher education institutions, internationally it can be compared to medium-sized music and theatre academies.

The two-year master’s programme in Cultural Management offered fully in English is a joint initiative with the Estonian Business School. The programme is an international, interdisciplinary and student centered with an emphasis on educating facilitators or mediators to work within cultural fields as well as in emerging positions across different fields.

We provide skills in understanding art and culture and abilities for enabling co-creation. The renewed curriculum is built on challenge-based learning. Each student may bring along their personal challenge or project or will be provided a true challenge/project from academy or from its stakeholders to work and learn with. Challenge-based learning offers many benefits that allow active learning and learning practices, which are aligned with work-life environments. Hence giving at the same time both academic as well as practical skills and competency for the student, by applying the theories, models and tools directly to real life changes. These learning experiences allow students to explore, discuss, and build connections between the models and tools to real-life challenges and projects that are relevant to them. This also provides a stimulating learning environment and access to creative networks.

Master of Arts in Cultural Management offers new insights and ways to build better competencies and abilities through academic knowledge with practical adaptability for all people interested to find new ways of working, connecting art and culture with other fields of life or people interested to work within cultural field. It is ideal for people with an independent spirit, an open mind and willingness to learn.