From 31st of May to 4th of June 2021 the REMAM consortium held a virtual learining/teaching/training activity (LTTA), which purpose was to connect the existing knowledge on mentorship as discipline with cultural management practice field by building the connection with practitioners community, matchmaking and learning about gaps in existing liaisons between curricula and practice. The LTTA2 consisted of different formats through which the new knowledge was gained and learned in order to provide input for future needs of the field and foresights on how the new mentorship model should be built to fit the needs of practice and the community of practitioners.

The participants of the LTTA included not only the respresentatives of the project partner institutions, but also local actors, experts and students.

The topics handled were following:

31.05 Session 1: Presentations and deep analysis of the cases
01.06 Session 2: Online relationships, interactions and learning
          Session 3: International comparative perspective among the partners
02.06 Session 4: “Let me frame it!”: Needs of students and young professionals in arts management that mentorship could support
          Session 5: Knowledge management and transfer methodologies (academic VS non-academic mentorship) 
03.06 Session 6: Diversity and inclusion within and through mentorship
          Session 7: Employers view of mentoring in organisations
04:06 Session 8: Market related session: entrepreneurs, business ecosystem, investors etc.
          Session9/Summary: Reporting and discussing intersections between these topics

You can get acquainted with the full agenda and content + materials created during the LTTA here.